How Nestowl is making a dent in Gurugram Real Estate by focusing on brokers?

April 15th, 2022

Nestowl creates a connection with brokers to find your desired home easily. Nestowl helps users directly connect with background verified brokers and negotiate commissions. We are different from others because we work on a subscription-based module for property brokers and affordable packages for sellers, unlike our competitors who deal in high-cost packages for providing low-quality leads. We also deal in affordable listing rates for property owners and offer one free listing to everyone who wants to list their property.

Our innovative product is changing the lead generation module for property buyers, sellers, and brokers. Nestowl focuses on changing the lead and makes a deal hassle-free by keeping the privacy of our end users safe and secure.

Problems it solves

Home hunting

It is one of the major problems faced by most people. Mostly, people end up getting unsatisfactory apartments or agreements due to a lack of suitable modules. Therefore, Nestowl, a broker aggregator platform, connects the end-user with the best local broker in real-time. This platform offers users the privilege of reviewing broker’s ratings and performance before selecting.

Moreover, we also redefine how landlord sells, buyers buy, and brokers get to lead. With our SAAS-based model, we are creating a solution for buying and selling properties with the help of brokers.

It makes a particular and easy way for closing a deal

Due to the lack of a proper and easy way to deal with locality experts, many people face problems while buying or selling property. Here comes nestowl, where you can search or post your requirements and proposals with nest brokers. The brokers will offer you several deals from which you can choose the best deal that suits you.

Privacy issue of customers

In the Real estate market, the Privacy issue is a significant problem. Thus, we have created a module where one can post or search for a property in the built-in module. One can even talk with locality brokers through chat with an inbuilt module without sharing personal information. This feature makes it a safe and secure place to confirm your deal hassle-free.

Online pricing

Often, online pricing by uncontrolled relationship managers is false and therefore misleading. They don't list a fixed price for the same property. The different broker charges different rates, which hinders the buyers from searching for a property. In Nestowl, you can search and post any property. After that, you will get several proposals from several brokers, and from the mentioned deals, you can book the most suitable deal. Getting in touch with the locality brokers is proved to be a blessing in case of fake listing of prices.

Fake listing

Due to uncontrolled brokers, fake listing is a problem everyone wants to avoid. Sometimes, people get a deal that is already closed or finalized. The phony listing has ended with our SAAS product as we deal only in the up-to-date deals. You can contact your brokers through chat in our built-in tool in case of any confusion. As we have locality brokers, no fake listing of property is possible.

After the connection, the Nestowl team monitors the performance of brokers and users. Nestowl ensures the deal or the transaction is closed. At the end of the agreement, both the broker and user can rate each other. The same is displayed to other users before the new deal. Thus, any malpractices regarding the incorrect listing are impossible.

How does it help?

The users get the best local brokers to work with on a real-time basis. Nestowl adequately verifies the background of the brokers. Brokers and the end-users also get support from Nestowl during the agreement in case of any issue.

Only the local brokers get notification when a property seeker or seller looks for a property to buy or sell. The broker will start bidding after 180 minutes, and whoever accepts and submit the proposal will be listed to the user, and the user can select any bid as per the requirement. Closing of the deal will remove the listing.

Brokers will get direct responses from the interested buyers or sellers of their working location. We work on subscription modules for brokers and don't deal in high-cost lead packages. We deal in affordable price rates for property owners with one listing free. Nestowl's brokers charge a 1% fixed service commission.

Growth of the Real estate market

As per the prediction, the overall Indian Real Estate Market will increase to $180 billion by 2022 and contribute more than a percent of the country's GDP but remain largely fragmented. Construction development in India has witnessed a Foreign Direct Investment of $24.19 billion between April 2000 to March 2016.

The future

There weren't many comparisons with Nestowl. However, most online portals have started providing broker's data to the user. With our advanced technology and facility, we want to be a big player in Buying or selling market of Real Estate. Nestowl now plans to expand across the city.

Looking to sell your home?

You can sell your property either through a Nest professional or list it online on Nestowl


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